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Want to play in one of our Futsal leagues? Get the low-down here.

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In order to keep up-to-date with fixtures, results and ladders, download the LeagueUp app for iPhone or Android


All players must register to their team via the LeagueUp app. Please note is a condition of entry that all participating players are registered.

Registered players will qualify for Medical Reimbursement Coverage.


The following fees apply to senior Social Sport Futsal competitions:

 - Weekly Game Fee: $89 per team ($12 - $18 per player)

 - Team Registration Fee: $89 per team (non-refundable)

 - Please note a standard forfeit fee (1 game fee) does apply if you are unable to play your scheduled game.

Please note the following policies for full season payments:

 - Senior Futsal: There is a single game allowance factored into the season fee to cater for competition variables such as a bye or game cancellation.

 - Junior Futsal: The season fee factors in competition variables such as a bye (no game scheduled), split round or game cancellation. If a team plays less than 80% of scheduled games, they will be eligible for game credit. All teams will be scheduled a game on finals night.


All players must wear sporting attire and footwear. All players must wear shinguards. Teams are required to supply their tops must be the same colour. Jewellery, watches or piercings must be removed or taped up.


By participating in our leagues, all players accept and agree to be bound by our Terms & Conditions

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