Social Sport is committed to ensuring all staff and participants return to a COVIDSafe environment. With this in mind, Social Sport will only deliver competitions that are consistent with State Government regulations. The following procedures identify and explain all processes that are required of participants to ensure that all sporting activities comply with State Government requirements.

I. Health Self-Assessment

Requirement: All participants must undertake a self-assessment prior to entering the venue. If a participant is displaying symptoms or is unwell, they MUST NOT attend the venue and are required to get tested for COVID-19.

Information: COVID-19 symptoms include fever, dry cough and tiredness.

DHHS information regarding self-assessment can be found HERE.

II. Complete Attendance Record

Requirement: Participants MUST be recorded in the 'lineup' submitted by each team on the LeagueUp Sport Mobile App. Non-participants must complete the attendance form when first entering a venue.

Information: A player from each team is required to complete their team lineup prior to every game. It is important that this lineup includes all participants in the team who attend the venue on that particular night.

Mobile App: For more information on submitting a 'lineup' please click HERE.

III. Personal Hygiene

Information: Hand sanitiser will be provided at all venues for participants to utilise. Sanitiser will be located centrally and at entrances/exits and will be managed by staff to ensure participants have continuous access and supply. Furthermore, each outdoor and indoor venue will promote personal hygiene measures on visible and widely circulated signage.

IV. Mask Wearing

Mask wearing by both participants and staff is in line with government guidelines and may be subject to change.

V. Physical Distancing

Requirement: All participants will be required to physically distance themselves when not participating on the court/field. When on the court/field, participants will be encouraged to distance where possible and all measures will be taken to remove unnecessary contact (ie. hand shakes).

VII. Uniform

Requirement: Teams must consult the ladder prior to each fixtured game.

If your team is positioned ABOVE your opposition on the ladder you MUST wear a DARK colour.

Alternatively, if your team is positioned BELOW you opposition on the ladder you MUST wear a LIGHT colour.

Note: Failure to complete this requirement may result in a loss of match points.

Note: Netball teams will continue to wear their bibs - the policy above refers to the uniform warn under the bibs.

For further information on Social Sport's COVIDSafe practices, please contact us via the email below.

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