Social Sport is committed to ensuring all staff and participants return to a covid-safe environment. With this in mind, Social Sport will only deliver competitions that are consistent with State Government regulations. The following procedures identify and explain all processes that are required of Match Officials to ensure that all sporting activities comply with State Government requirements.


I. Health Self-Assessment

Requirement: Match Officials must undertake a self-assessment prior to their shift. If you are displaying symptoms or are unwell, you MUST NOT attend the venue and are required to get tested for COVID-19. Please alert SS HQ immediately if you cannot attend your shift.

Information: COVID-19 symptoms include fever, dry cough and tiredness. For more information see here.

II. Physical Distancing

Requirement One: All Match Officials must practise physical distancing at all times (unless not possible in certain situations).

III. Personal Hygiene

Requirement One: Match Officials must use hand sanitiser periodically throughout the night.

IV. Mask Wearing

Requirement One:

1.Indoor Venues: Match Officials must wear masks when they are not officiating (ie. when arriving and leaving a venue). When officiating, a Match Official is not required to wear a mask (physical exercise).

2.Outdoor Venues: Match Officials are not required to wear masks unless they cannot maintain physical distancing. Match Officials must still bring a mask with them to each shift.

Information: Mask wearing by both participants and staff is in line with government guidelines and may be subject to change.

V. Sanitising equipment

Information: The match ball MUST be sanitised before and after each game. This is the shared responsibility of the Venue Manager and Match Official.

Continue reading below about what our participants are doing to keep our venues safe. It's important all Match Officials are up-to-speed because many of these requirements will be enforced by you!




As a result of not having access to bibs, it is the responsibility of teams to coordinate their uniform. Team who wear the incorrect uniform may lose match points.


  • HIGHER on the ladder than opposition = DARK COLOUR
  • LOWER on the ladder than opposition = LIGHT COLOUR

II. Participant Sign-In

Information: All participants MUST be recorded in the 'lineup' submitted by each team captain on the LeagueUp Sport Mobile App. Venue Managers must check all team lineups have been submitted prior to the game.

Mobile App: For more information on submitting a 'lineup' please click HERE.

Requirement Two: Non-participants must complete the attendance form when first entering a venue. This is done by scanning the QR code with the camera app on any mobile phone.

III. Sharing Equipment

Information: Other than the match ball, participants are not to share any equipment including clash bibs, Netball bibs, sashes, water bottles and towels. Furthermore, teams will not have access to a 'warm up' ball.

IV. Spectators

Information: Only players and support persons (ie. parents) are allowed to attend the venue.

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