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What are the season dates?
What are the season dates?

Are you looking for the commencement and conclusion dates of each season?

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Social Sport is committed to getting everyone on the court or field, regardless of WHEN they register their team. As such, teams can enter a competition at ANY TIME throughout the season - just register your interest and we'll find a spot for you!

Below is a list of dates that identify the commencement and conclusion of each season. Please note, that season dates are subject to change!

โ€‹Autumn Season 2024

  • Monday: Feb 19th - May 6th

  • Tuesday: Feb 20th - May 7th

  • Wednesday: Feb 21st - May 8th

  • Thursday: Feb 22nd - May 9th

  • Sunday: Mar 3rd - May 19th

Winter Season 2024

  • Monday: May 13th - Jul 29th

  • Tuesday: May 14th - Jul 30th

  • Wednesday: May 15th - Jul 31st

  • Thursday: May 16th - Aug 1st

  • Sunday: May 26th - Aug 4th

Spring Season 2024

  • Monday: Aug 5th - Oct 14th

  • Tuesday: Aug 6th - Oct 15th

  • Wednesday: Aug 7th - Oct 16th

  • Thursday: Aug 8th - Oct 17th

  • Sunday: Aug 11th - Oct 20th

Summer Season 2024/25

  • Monday: Oct 21st - Feb 3rd

  • Tuesday: Oct 22nd- Feb 4th

  • Wednesday: Oct 23rd - Feb 5th

  • Thursday: Oct 24th - Feb 6th

  • Sunday: Oct 27th - Feb 9th

*Includes 2 week break over Christmas / New Year

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